Dedicated to those that made a difference in my life. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Sometimes, a comment makes all the differences in the world, the person may not remember saying it, yet for me, it made an impact which would never be forgotten.

Shy at being seen, cautiously walking forward
With slow steps, proceeding into the light
Expectations of the unknown, frightening
Braving the new world, hands from the divine
Reaching out, holding my hand forward
Universe of life and death, connecting
Divine interventions, clearly evident
With my hand held tightly, leading me onwards
Beautiful souls, still left in the world
Guardians Angels, protecting my soul
Thunderstorms roaring above, anger showing
Flashes of lights, there suddenly than not
Confused in wondering, if the flash were real
Or just fragments of imaginations 
Forming a protective ring around me
Shields made from love, adding in care
Worldly Gods from above, watching with keen eyes
Together, never alone anymore, drilled my heart
Guardian Angels, far and wide
Making sure I never forget, I am not alone
Watching my protectors, perhaps they’ve mistaken
Seeing something in me, worthy to protect
When values of myself, is close to none
Angry reactions, for the above comments
My Guardian Angels, my protectors
Forbids me uttering such lines
Carrying onwards on my path
Holding onto what helped me through
Those around me, with their strength
Wisdom and insights of life, onwards we go

Tan Nguyen


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