Destiny awaits eternity

Wandering through the land of eternity,
Walking passed beautiful pastures,
Crystal clear rivers, flowing smoothly,
From the heights of mountains top,
Creating magnificent waterfalls,
Amongst the scenery so divine,
Angels voices heard with sing songs,
Interrupting the silence with sweetness,
Peacefully in sync with harmony,
Intune with oneself through in battle,
Searching deeper inside than ever,
Unlocking the secrets of the soul,
The part which remained quiet before,
Almost forgotten it’s existent.

Truth which was hidden all this time,
Revealing the purpose of life,
Having a grand goal, a dream to chase,
Active in persusing with motivation,
Possessing the strength and drive,
Through the negativity of experiences,
Lessons were learnt, in preparations,
With the sole agenda to answer destiny,
Eternity in learning throughout life,
Knowledge obtained was meant to be,
Perfect amount of wisdom gained,
Never more nor never less,
Just the right amount everytime.

Readiness with preparations,
Answering destiny,  following its path,
Accepting completely of self,
The positive, also with the negative,
Which makes me whole,
Walking finally, my destinys journey.

Tan Nguyen

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