Surrendering to passion

As the full moon glows high above,
Glistening illuminating upon your skin,
Laying naked upon the sand,
Godess now I truly believe,
Extraordinary beauty so defined,
Perfection captured forever in time,
Sounds of the oceans wave gently heard,
Glowing brightly with the moon’s light,
Urges of lustful thoughts taken over,
Claiming this godess as my own,
Tasting her lips with my own,
Enjoying the sensations being felt,
Exploring slowly without haste,
Every curve, every inch deserves attention,
Having the entire night, making it last,
Feeling the softness of the skin,
Roaming all over the body, head to toe,
Enjoying the moans escaping her lips,
Knowing the godess enjoys my attentions,
Passion heating up, moving rapidly
Bodies touching, like lover’s embraced,
Becoming one with the godess,
Right there on the sand,
Rhythms of the waves, making lovely music,
Sounds of pleasures filling the night,
Softly at first, louder it became,
Intimacy with the godess, as a dream,
Sweat from the two, mixing together,
Building in fantic climax,
This moment in time, only two exist,
Forgetting about surroundings,
Focusing on each other,
Pleasuring one another and enjoying,
Moaning into climax, exhausted and drained,
Such a beautiful experience,
Intimacy with a godess

Tan Nguyen

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