Thankful for everything

Dreams turning into thoughts,
Manifesting itself into reality,
Only the Divine knows me fully,
Judging me accordingly in my heart,
What’s truly within my hearts mind,
Life and death, coming together as one,
Unable to have one without the other,
Many people have died around me,
Older I become, the more death I see,
Accepting it’s a natural order of things,
Doesn’t make it any less painful to bear,
Even time can never fully heal the wounds.

Those that have died, wanted to live,
That was all, just to stay alive,
It was all too much to asked, it seems,
Each day passes, thinking of the why,
Driving myself insane, such questioning,
Knowing doesn’t matter what the answer,
It shall never be accepted as acceptable.

Many people around the world,
Don’t realise how fortunate they are,
To be living and breathing,
While those that desperately wanting,
Ain’t given the chance of life any longer,
Taking life for granted,
While many are holding desperately,
Clinging on to life, knowing how precious,
The value of importance life is,
Once a life is over, that’s all there is,
No amount of money can buy another life,
There’s nothing anyone can do,
To make it last, to live forever.

As thoughts of life and death,
Coming to terms with my decisions,
Since I am still alive, while others are not,
I will start living, to enjoy and to be happy,
Spending my life in depression,
Is an insult, to those that have died,
To complain about life, is an insult,
Anything other than being happy,
Is an insult to those that have gone,
Living life the way life is meant to be,
Enjoying each moment and being happy.

Tan Nguyen

4 thoughts on “Thankful for everything

  1. Wow I love this. i’ve always had an obsession with life and death and appreciating each day because we don’t know when it all will end. i also have struggled with depression and I feel guilty for it because I am lucky to be living, life is a miracle. Life can be very painful, but i’m thankful for the pain because it makes me feel even more alive. Life wouldn’t be life with out pain. Pleasure wouldn’t exist with out pain. It’s so beautiful to be thankful for every thing that happens because at least we are alive to experience it. Some things in this life are pure evil and those are the things I try not to think about because those are the things that put me into a depressed state of mind. In this moment, life is really good and that’s what I try to focus on.

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    1. I agree with you. There are many evil in this world. But there are also many good also. We are lucky to be alive. I think everyone these days are struggling with depression. It’s becoming like a normal thing. Being depressed at some point in our lives.

      Have to experience the pain to know what relief feels like. Sad to know happy.

      Thanks so much for your thoughts and reading.

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