A million years ago

A million years ago,
Once upon a time, a life which existed,
Forgotten throughout the years,
Countless lives of those that lived,
Walking the Earth, finding their way,
Lovers embraced no longer felt,
Love that was so strong, now no more,
The difficulty of individual stories,
Walking their journey in life,
Rising up to the challenges,
Sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding,
A million years ago, another life ago.

The world has changed, easing with time,
Imagining how the world shall be,
Would human kind still exist?
Survive our own destructive nature,
Would human kind expand to other planets?
Wondering what technology they have,
The type of cars they have,
What would they do for fun,
Would the internet create withdrawn,
Interacting with others face to face,
Many questions flowing into my mind,
Would human kind be able,
To finally understand human rights?

Tan Nguyen


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