Constantly flowing

Always weighing upon my mind,
Trying to remember the world again,
Certainly the world isn’t the same,
Definitely alot has changed over time,
Memories that I held onto desperately,
Guarding my most precious of possession,
Etched deeply inside my heart,
Special place it shall always remained,
Protected and safe from the world.

Winds of changes, always blowing pass,
Sometimes the breeze is gentle,
Small changes in life still under control,
Sometimes the breeze is strong,
Drastic changes, falling on the head,
Turning the world upside down,
Forever changing a life once known,
Embracing the unknown, an adventure.

Never knowing the time nor place,
When the winds of change passes by,
Life is in stages, must be played out,
Skipping scene is truly forbidden,
Each experience and lessons learnt,
Life is exactly the way it’s supposed to be,
Nothing more, nothing less, just perfect,
Until finally completing life’s journey.

Things happens for a reason,
It’s difficult to see, when one is hurting,
Unclear visions and mind,
Wounds still fresh from battle,
Biterness upon the lips and heart,
One day though, not sure of the time,
Reasons will be known to ourselves.

Tan Nguyen

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