Learning with time

Youthful years spent with recklessness,
Full of courageous sometimes outrageous,
Unappreciative not understanding fully,
Meaning of life, the true worth of life,
Throwing it all away, without hestitation,
Rules of the game being applied,
Misplaced notions, values and beliefs,
Leading down towards tramatic events,
Selfishly in deeds and thoughts,
Realising too late, the effect on family.

Shaming the name, consumed with guilt,
Keeping the emotions and blamed within,
Weighing heavily upon my soul,
Tearing, ripping me apart from inside,
Torturing myself constantly each day,
Until something snapped, giving up hope,
The fighting inside ceased to stand,
Laying on the ground, beaten to a pulp,
Disgraced from heaven and from hell,
Rejected, thrown out as useless baggage.

My coffin was prepared for death,
My bed to rest for eternity,
Void of emotions, lacking the strength,
Spiralling uncontrollable into darkness,
Stumbling in the dark, visions fully gone,
Slippery with slimey disgusting things,
Freezing, chilled to the very bones,
Shivering, shaking against my will,
Even the cold is complaining it’s cold,
Light doesn’t exist down in this world,
Deeper into despair I fell,
Until the ground is higher than I.

Started with fun and games,
Life wasn’t taken seriously enough,
With youthful pride and ignorance,
Proclaiming oneself King of the world,
Learning as time goes on,
Learning as I go along,
Such is life, what’s done is done,
The past shall always remain behind,
What matters most, is what we do now,
How we handle the challenges we face,
Everything we do from here,
Shall be the ultimate challenge,
Testing our strengths and weaknesses,
Defining ourselves,
Pushing ourselves,
Revealing to all,
Who we are.

Tan Nguyen

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