Sharing as one

Upon our beautiful planet Earth,
There are over six billion humans,
Sharing and calling Earth our home,
Living under the same sky,
Under the same moon and stars,
Spreading all across the planet,
With different traditions and culture,
Heritages, backgrounds and history,
Knowledge to be shared and stories told,
Morals and values differ, also beliefs,
Such diversity, many nations to visit,
Tasting different kind of food,
Wearing different style in clothes,
Sampling the best of each cultures,
Hearing the sweet sounds of languages,
Customs passed on through ancient times.

Such a magnificent opportunity,
Being presented to each one of us,
How many planets that you know,
That has so many different choices?
To explore and discover, to learn and see,
Taking a holiday from your everyday life,
Desperately wanting something different,
Escaping the boredom,
Seeing the same things everyday,
Experiencing something new,
Making your senses heightened with interest,
We have that opportunity right here,
On our own planet, which we call home.

Instead of enjoying one another,
We are destroying each other,
Instead of spending money on Earth,
Billions of dollars are wasted,
Searching space for intelligent life,
When that money could better spent,
In feeding the hungry,
Giving shelter to those that has none,
Even the different colour of our skin,
Causes problems between ourselves,
Our different beliefs also is a problem,
Haven’t made peace and harmony,
Between all the nations, to accept them,
Instead of declaring war between them,
Countless amount of suffering,
Caused by our own kind.

Yet we dare to search the space,
For other intelligent life forms,
They are called intelligent for a reason,
Keeping away from our race,
Is very wise indeed.

Tan Nguyen

7 thoughts on “Sharing as one

  1. This is actually a trick to fool common man ,on name of research billion dollars are being spent ,no one care of poor or common man ,its syndicate of influential people to create riots and bloodshed all over world so that they can enjoy their power and politics

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