Falling from place to place

Have you ever felt yourself slipping,
Losing your mind to reality,
Feeling your emotions being numbed,
Strength being weakening steadily,
Losing interest of the surroundings,
Caring becoming less and less,
Happiness long ago left without trace,
Darker and darker your world becomes,
No longer feeling even human,
More like a creature without purpose,
Hiding under a rock, too shamed out.

Measurements of time is distorted,
Day and night joining into one,
Unable to see any differences of the two,
Merging as one, consumed by darkness,
Can’t even feel the wind passing by,
Nor the warmth or even the cold air,
Feeling nothing, nothing at all,
Like an empty space, dark and eerie,
Echoes vibrating, bouncing of the walls,
It feels as if you’ve died,
And no one informs you, you’ve died.

Before words are uttered in anger,
Words which can’t be unspoken,
When your mind is planning a way,
Seeking revenge on those you hate,
Wanting so desperately in hurting them,
Calling them names, attacking verbally,
Before everything gets out of hand,
When things are out of your control,
Remember this simple fact of life,
Each one of us are going through things,
Having our own problems and worries,
Not even knowing what’s going on,
With them nor in the backgrounds,
We ain’t the only ones with problems,
Each one of us, Each of us here this day.

Isn’t it better, regardless of situation,
In being a person that spread lights,
Than a person spreading darkness,
Spreading the positivity all around,
The power in healing broken pieces,
Or spreading negativity everywhere,
Causing destruction and suffering,
Wouldn’t it be better,
Being on the side of positivity,
Ignoring the other side,
Leaving until it’s forgotten.

Tan Nguyen

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