Investing in time

People these days are too busy,
Always working, having something to do,
Neglecting those that are important,
Somewhere along the lines,
Choosing work before those you love,
Investing the time, even if it’s a moment,
Letting know they mattered, in your life,
Even the smallest gestures shown,
Travels a long way, making a difference,
Affecting them deeply, taking the time,
Spending time knowing them,
Bonding with them, being with them,
Perhaps it’s that small differences,
Which makes people try their very best,
Comparing to those that stopped trying,
Allowing one to follow their dreams,
While the other one, seeing no point,
Look around you today, remember them,
The people you love and hold most dear,
Remember the reasons why,
Your working so hard in the first place.

Tan Nguyen

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