Dreams, from broken wings

Wounded deeply, with broken wings,
Snapping those special features,
Mending as time progress, slowly healing,
Blessing in disguised, enabling in rest,
Grounded to the mortal world,
As if being punished from above,
Anger first came to the surface,
Showing it’s ugly head, quick to react,
Unjust emotions, thinking without logic,
Gifted with rest, enabling the dreams,
With eyes close, travelling into dream land,
Remembering dreams long forgotten,
Flashbacks from the past flooding in,
Flowing through the magic channels,
Reigniting the power of creativity,
Dust settling due to inactivity,
Untrotten paths waiting for new guest,
Walking down the hardest path of life,
New experiences waiting to be unveiled.

From broken wings and broken dreams
Inactivity in normal life, stranded in,
Preventing usage of special ability,
Learning to cope without the features,
Which set us worlds apart from the rest,
Mortal dimensions having advantages,
Surprisingly uncovering beautiful scenes,
Like at night, upon the darken waves,
Stars from above, twinkling in the sky,
Reflecting from the darkest places,
Upon the waves, glittering and dancing,
Appearing as if a million diamonds.

Dreams shall last forever,
Surviving even through darkest hour,
Powerful, direct results of hope,
Indestructible even time stands useless,
Unaffected as eternity wraps its bounds,
Nothing in this world nor the next,
Shall succeed in destroying my dreams,
Accepting any challenges on the way,
Healing broken wings,
While learning hidden strengths,
Stronger each moment,
In body and mind.

Written by Tan Nguyen
29th of November 2015

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