Missing Time

Where has the time disappeared to?
Where has it gone, has it been that long?
Felt like only yesterday, being young,
Looking into the mirror seeing youth,
Full of hopes and dreams, bright future,
The world is there for the taking,
Waiting for me to claim it as my own,
Walking through life, somewhere in time,
Taking a turn, walking a different path,
Spending all those years, finding myself,
Almost destroyed everything within,
Time is fleeting pass, without my notice,
Silently as my past turning into ghosts.

Maturity entered my personality,
Only Heaven knew when,
Did it come with age, or my experiences,
Something that shall never be forgotten,
Would be the cheekiness inside of me,
No matter how mature, I shall become,
Moments will be presented, this side of me,
Even if an eternity has passed,
The cheekiness shall out live them all.

Time, always constantly clicking down,
When the time runs out, of my stay in life,
When it ends, nobody knows,
Making the most of the remaining time,
Writing everything I have learnt,
Writing all my thoughts,
Writing all my experiences,
In hopes of helping others in future times,
Relating to my personal journey,
Helping them with theirs.

Tan Nguyen

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