Reaching crossroads part 2
Continuing from part 1

Everything you knew in life is now gone,
Feels like your world is falling a part,
And no one seems to even care,
Avoiding your company, ignoring calls,
No one in sight when you needed it most,
When all the foundations and beliefs,
Are being torned down before your eyes,
Having no choice but to face it alone.

Before there wasn’t any urgency,
Nor was there any reasons at all,
Always being surrounded by friends,
No reason in knowing yourself,
Always someone that would be there,
Never knowing what it feels, being alone,
Truly facing the world for the first time,
Being afraid of the world, a stranger,
Seeing for the first time,  the real world,
Learning everything as you go along.

Losing ourselves and being confused,
Can be viewed as a blessing or a curse,
Losing what’s important to us,
Makes us realised that truth,
Taking it for granted, now appreciated,
Being more aware of the things around,
Learning the values, hardest ways,
Before everything in life was perfect,
Now trying to make the most of it,
Enjoying the life, the way it should be.

Hardest of all journeys is knowing yourself,
Then learning to accept what you found,
The real person hidden deep within,
There’s no such thing as perfection,
There’s always weaknesses and flaws,
Only by loving yourself, to accept yourself,
Will you find peace and happiness,
Radiating from you as a beacon of light.

The journey will be hard,
It will destroy everything within,
Nothing will be left unchallenged,
You will be pushed, as never before,
It shall break you down until you cry,
It will test your strength and beyond,
Grinding the life out of you,
It’s completely depressing to feel,
To walk alone in the darkness,
To pick yourself up from broken pieces,
Starting from the very beginning again.

Maybe your asking yourself,
If it’s worth the suffering,
The answer may vary, depending who,
For me personally, If has been rewarding,
Things which I never thought possible,
Became real and even beyond anything,
I have dreamt nor my imaginations,
Could ever thought of those things,
Being able to love myself, to accept,
Revealing the true beauty of life,
Appreciating each breath, being calm,
At peace from within, it’s a world waiting,
Waiting for you to discover, the reality,
The wonders and the hapiness,
Everything life has to offer,
It is worth all the suffering and pain,
Ten times more in reward than pain.

Written by Tan Nguyen
28th of November 2015

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