Reaching crossroads

Walking a journey all your life,
Believing without a doubt, who you are,
Having supreme confidence in yourself,
Having a purpose and direction in life,
Having goals and dreams, being happy,
Surrounded by many friends,
People trying their hardest,
Seeking your attention and friendship,
The world seems wonderful,
Everything is great, the way you wanted.

Suddenly everything changes,
Turning your world upside down,
Lifted you into the air,
Dropping you on your head,
The world you knew, no longer exist,
Everything which seemed great,
Suddenly became your worst nightmares,
Problems just keeps on coming,
One after the other, building up and up,
Relentlessly building into a mountain,
High enough that it reaches the heavens.

Before when it was difficult being alone,
Now it’s difficult finding anyone near,
Friendships which were always around,
Left you alone when you needed them,
Perhaps more than ever before,
All your supreme confidence gone,
Your goals and directions in life,
Seems like a fool’s dream and hopes,
No longer does anthing make sense,
Confusing your purpose and yourself,
Withdrawing from the world,
Because it’s hurting so much inside,
Wasn’t long ago that you were happy,
Seems like a life time ago,
Life is all different now,
Everything is so different, so confusing.
Leaving you in the cold of night,
Abandoned by everyone you ever knew.

Always being surrounded by friends,
Always someone close, never alone,
Haven’t experienced the troubles of life,
Unknowing the true reality, of the world,
Unaware of the sufferings and pain,
The sadness and despair that’s around,
Living in your own world, your illusions,
Until everything in your world, collapsed,
Leaving you alone in the darkness,
Scared and afraid of your own shadows.

Continuing into part 2
Written by Tan Nguyen
28th of November 2015

11 thoughts on “Reaching crossroads

  1. Hi. I really related to the lines: Friendships which were always around Left you alone when you needed them. It’s a very sad and isolating line. I constantly go through loneliness. But the poem is very well written. Good job!

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  2. Sounds like you’re going through the reconstruction of your own psyche, and, it’s normal, that during this period of personal growth, you feel the need, to become isolate from the world, i’d gone through that too, and, it’s really not at all, easy, because of ALL the outside noises that are bombarding you, but, just tune the world OUT, and focus, on what’s going on inside of you, and, you will do fine i’m sure!

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      1. I find that sense of calm, and just, listen to my own heart, beating, at first, you may have troubles, tuning out all the noises from the outside world, and, the outside world WILL find a way to get into your mind, but, just allow it to, and, set your mind free, allowing your mind to take you where you’re suppose to go…

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