Regained Lights from Strangers

Standing, facing the world alone,
The darkest of all places, called home,
Driven into madness of guilt and shame,
Insanity has now turned into my world,
Illogical thoughts ruling each days,
Many strangers reaching out their hand,
In the end, I turned my back on the world.

The worthlessness being felt,
Constantly reminding me how useless,
Unworthy of anything good in life,
Withdrawn from the people and world,
Kept myself in eternal torment,
Punishing myself harshly each moment,
Self destructing beyond repair,
Broken, torned into little shreds,
Thrown into the ocean, into the winds,
Impossible to recover all the pieces.

Rebirth from the destruction,
Of my formal self, nothing remaining,
Unrecognizable of the person I was,
Death came into my life twice,
Changed my situation and myself,
Totally from who I was, surroundings,
At first I thought it was a curse,
But it was really a blessing in disguised.

From the ashes I was reborned,
My transformation wouldn’t be complete,
Without the kindness of a stranger,
As the echoes travelled from wall to wall,
Travelling far and wide, seeking help,
Came an unexpected answer from,
The last person I would even dare think,
Surprised with absolute shock,
Divine intervention, without a doubt,
Destiny, paths destined to crossed paths,
Smiling from above, shining down at me.

Being my light in the darkness,
Coming at a time when I needed it most,
Couldn’t be coincidence, just by chance,
The Divine had planned this, long ago,
The greatest friendship being forged,
When nothing is expected in returned,
Giving willingly, as it’s their intentions,
Without claiming anything from deeds,
Giving me something more valuable,
Priceless, my faith in the world again,
Something to fight for, to suffer for,
Most of all, to die trying.

Written by Tan Nguyen
29th of November 2015


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