Soldier of the Universe

End of days are fast approaching,
Warnings of things to come,
Senses from within, being on full alert,
Heightening the awareness,
Noticing even the small details,
Which is normally missed or ignored,
Air becomes thick as tension surges,
Ears tingling, hearing the faintest sounds,
Witnessing the devastations with pain,
Shocking me to my core, the sufferings,
Unspeakable pain in the eyes,
Of the unfortunates experiencing hurt,
Knife struck deeply in my heart,
Watching the destruction and deaths,
On my fellow human race.

It shall come a time, choosing side,
It has always been an impossible choice,
Siding with Heaven or joining Hell,
Teaming with Heaven, feeling unworthy,
No where near a Saint, not even close,
Siding with Hell, feeling comtempt, disgusted,
Sick to my stomach of their tactics used,
Whatever side wins my allegiance,
Isn’t based on good or evil,
Having to choose a side,
It’s rather whom I don’t want to win,
I choose the side of the Divine,
Not wanting evil to rule

Written by Tan Nguyen
29th of November 2015

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