Cry into the night

A sound is heard,
The cries shattering the silence,
Night interrupted with piercing noise,
Faint at first, intensified gradually,
Increasing in volume and desperation,
Penetrating the defences,
Breaking through the guards,
Tearing at you soul,
Covering the ears, unbearably torture,
Causing the ears to explode,
Blood rushing from the ears and eyes,
Smashing all the glass within reached,
Even the mind feels like popping,
Still the cries shrieks louder,
Desperation worsten,
Sounds turns into a punching blow,
Defying the laws of physics,
Heart breaking, sadness, so much of it,
In the voice alone, tearing into the soul,
No one should endure such pain, ever,
Destroying senses, everything in pieces,
Broken down, destroyed, no more,
Reality unexpected punches your face,
Realising now, something strange,
The voice sounds familiar,
Heard it before somewhere,
Where? You do not know,
Wait, it’s your own.

Written by Tan Nguyen
30th of November 2015


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