Laying in wait, second coming

Confessions burning as brightly as stars,
Aiming powerful beams, centre stage,
Focusing attention on a lone figure,
Crowd as silent, waiting in anticipation,
Eerily silence, afraid to even breathe,
Heightening the interest and curiosity,
Wanting to know what confessions,
To be revealed this strange night.

Foul creature that came to the fore,
That awful foul creature with purpose,
Knowing only of destructiveness,
Confessions being revealed,
I am the one guilty, opening the gates,
Letting this creature into the world,
Letting it destroy everything in my world,
Hurting those I care about,
Hurting those I even loved,
Truth be told, a simple truth,
It held the strength, I desperately sought,
In the battles of my struggles, to succeed,

Fighting negatives with negatives,
Makes the whole world dark,
Depression is known from these places,
Consuming everyone in it, sooner or later,
Negative with negative,
Will make the world cease to exist.

Written by Tan Nguyen
30th of November 2015


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