Laying in wait

Ain’t afraid anymore of the darkness,
Already experiencing the worst in life,
Knowing the feelings of being forgotten,
The relentless struggles of oneself,
Screaming with all your might,
No sounds are heard from the effort,
Longing for something to come your way,
Anything at all, as your own.

Afraid of what’s hidden beneath,
Foul creature without a heart,
Only purpose in life was destruction,
Negative forces controlling their pet,
Unleashed upon the world once before,
Seen the destructive nature first hand,
With all my strength I denied accessed,
For I feel, what would happened,
If it resurfaced into the world again,
How many victims would it claimed,
How many would be hurt this time,
Feeling it gaining strength,
Barely able to keep the animal in check,
Overpowering what’s left of me.

Written by Tan Nguyen
30th of November 2015

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