Soldier of the universe

Soldier of the Universe

End of days are fast approaching,
Warnings of things to come,
Senses from within, being on full alert,
Heightening the awareness,
Noticing even the small details,
Which is normally missed or ignored,
Air becomes thick as tension surges,
Ears tingling, hearing the faintest sounds,
Witnessing the devastations with pain,
Shocking me to my core, the sufferings,
Unspeakable pain in the eyes,
Of the unfortunates experiencing hurt,
Knife struck deeply in my heart,
Watching the destruction and deaths,
On my fellow human race.

It shall come a time, choosing side,
It has always been an impossible choice,
Siding with Heaven or joining Hell,
Teaming with Heaven, feeling unworthy,
No where near a Saint, not even close,
Siding with Hell, feeling comtempt, disgusted,
Sick to my stomach of their tactics used,
Whatever side wins my allegiance,
Isn’t based on good or evil,
Having to choose a side,
It’s rather whom I don’t want to win,
I choose the side of the Divine,
Not wanting evil to rule

Written by Tan Nguyen
29th of November 2015


Dreams, from broken wings

Dreams, from broken wings

Wounded deeply, with broken wings,
Snapping those special features,
Mending as time progress, slowly healing,
Blessing in disguised, enabling in rest,
Grounded to the mortal world,
As if being punished from above,
Anger first came to the surface,
Showing it’s ugly head, quick to react,
Unjust emotions, thinking without logic,
Gifted with rest, enabling the dreams,
With eyes close, travelling into dream land,
Remembering dreams long forgotten,
Flashbacks from the past flooding in,
Flowing through the magic channels,
Reigniting the power of creativity,
Dust settling due to inactivity,
Untrotten paths waiting for new guest,
Walking down the hardest path of life,
New experiences waiting to be unveiled.

From broken wings and broken dreams
Inactivity in normal life, stranded in,
Preventing usage of special ability,
Learning to cope without the features,
Which set us worlds apart from the rest,
Mortal dimensions having advantages,
Surprisingly uncovering beautiful scenes,
Like at night, upon the darken waves,
Stars from above, twinkling in the sky,
Reflecting from the darkest places,
Upon the waves, glittering and dancing,
Appearing as if a million diamonds.

Dreams shall last forever,
Surviving even through darkest hour,
Powerful, direct results of hope,
Indestructible even time stands useless,
Unaffected as eternity wraps its bounds,
Nothing in this world nor the next,
Shall succeed in destroying my dreams,
Accepting any challenges on the way,
Healing broken wings,
While learning hidden strengths,
Stronger each moment,
In body and mind.

Written by Tan Nguyen
29th of November 2015

Missing time

Missing Time

Where has the time disappeared to?
Where has it gone, has it been that long?
Felt like only yesterday, being young,
Looking into the mirror seeing youth,
Full of hopes and dreams, bright future,
The world is there for the taking,
Waiting for me to claim it as my own,
Walking through life, somewhere in time,
Taking a turn, walking a different path,
Spending all those years, finding myself,
Almost destroyed everything within,
Time is fleeting pass, without my notice,
Silently as my past turning into ghosts.

Maturity entered my personality,
Only Heaven knew when,
Did it come with age, or my experiences,
Something that shall never be forgotten,
Would be the cheekiness inside of me,
No matter how mature, I shall become,
Moments will be presented, this side of me,
Even if an eternity has passed,
The cheekiness shall out live them all.

Time, always constantly clicking down,
When the time runs out, of my stay in life,
When it ends, nobody knows,
Making the most of the remaining time,
Writing everything I have learnt,
Writing all my thoughts,
Writing all my experiences,
In hopes of helping others in future times,
Relating to my personal journey,
Helping them with theirs.

Tan Nguyen

Reaching crossroad part 2

Reaching crossroads part 2
Continuing from part 1

Everything you knew in life is now gone,
Feels like your world is falling a part,
And no one seems to even care,
Avoiding your company, ignoring calls,
No one in sight when you needed it most,
When all the foundations and beliefs,
Are being torned down before your eyes,
Having no choice but to face it alone.

Before there wasn’t any urgency,
Nor was there any reasons at all,
Always being surrounded by friends,
No reason in knowing yourself,
Always someone that would be there,
Never knowing what it feels, being alone,
Truly facing the world for the first time,
Being afraid of the world, a stranger,
Seeing for the first time,  the real world,
Learning everything as you go along.

Losing ourselves and being confused,
Can be viewed as a blessing or a curse,
Losing what’s important to us,
Makes us realised that truth,
Taking it for granted, now appreciated,
Being more aware of the things around,
Learning the values, hardest ways,
Before everything in life was perfect,
Now trying to make the most of it,
Enjoying the life, the way it should be.

Hardest of all journeys is knowing yourself,
Then learning to accept what you found,
The real person hidden deep within,
There’s no such thing as perfection,
There’s always weaknesses and flaws,
Only by loving yourself, to accept yourself,
Will you find peace and happiness,
Radiating from you as a beacon of light.

The journey will be hard,
It will destroy everything within,
Nothing will be left unchallenged,
You will be pushed, as never before,
It shall break you down until you cry,
It will test your strength and beyond,
Grinding the life out of you,
It’s completely depressing to feel,
To walk alone in the darkness,
To pick yourself up from broken pieces,
Starting from the very beginning again.

Maybe your asking yourself,
If it’s worth the suffering,
The answer may vary, depending who,
For me personally, If has been rewarding,
Things which I never thought possible,
Became real and even beyond anything,
I have dreamt nor my imaginations,
Could ever thought of those things,
Being able to love myself, to accept,
Revealing the true beauty of life,
Appreciating each breath, being calm,
At peace from within, it’s a world waiting,
Waiting for you to discover, the reality,
The wonders and the hapiness,
Everything life has to offer,
It is worth all the suffering and pain,
Ten times more in reward than pain.

Written by Tan Nguyen
28th of November 2015

Reaching crossroads

Reaching crossroads

Walking a journey all your life,
Believing without a doubt, who you are,
Having supreme confidence in yourself,
Having a purpose and direction in life,
Having goals and dreams, being happy,
Surrounded by many friends,
People trying their hardest,
Seeking your attention and friendship,
The world seems wonderful,
Everything is great, the way you wanted.

Suddenly everything changes,
Turning your world upside down,
Lifted you into the air,
Dropping you on your head,
The world you knew, no longer exist,
Everything which seemed great,
Suddenly became your worst nightmares,
Problems just keeps on coming,
One after the other, building up and up,
Relentlessly building into a mountain,
High enough that it reaches the heavens.

Before when it was difficult being alone,
Now it’s difficult finding anyone near,
Friendships which were always around,
Left you alone when you needed them,
Perhaps more than ever before,
All your supreme confidence gone,
Your goals and directions in life,
Seems like a fool’s dream and hopes,
No longer does anthing make sense,
Confusing your purpose and yourself,
Withdrawing from the world,
Because it’s hurting so much inside,
Wasn’t long ago that you were happy,
Seems like a life time ago,
Life is all different now,
Everything is so different, so confusing.
Leaving you in the cold of night,
Abandoned by everyone you ever knew.

Always being surrounded by friends,
Always someone close, never alone,
Haven’t experienced the troubles of life,
Unknowing the true reality, of the world,
Unaware of the sufferings and pain,
The sadness and despair that’s around,
Living in your own world, your illusions,
Until everything in your world, collapsed,
Leaving you alone in the darkness,
Scared and afraid of your own shadows.

Continuing into part 2
Written by Tan Nguyen
28th of November 2015

Falling from place to place

Falling from place to place

Have you ever felt yourself slipping,
Losing your mind to reality,
Feeling your emotions being numbed,
Strength being weakening steadily,
Losing interest of the surroundings,
Caring becoming less and less,
Happiness long ago left without trace,
Darker and darker your world becomes,
No longer feeling even human,
More like a creature without purpose,
Hiding under a rock, too shamed out.

Measurements of time is distorted,
Day and night joining into one,
Unable to see any differences of the two,
Merging as one, consumed by darkness,
Can’t even feel the wind passing by,
Nor the warmth or even the cold air,
Feeling nothing, nothing at all,
Like an empty space, dark and eerie,
Echoes vibrating, bouncing of the walls,
It feels as if you’ve died,
And no one informs you, you’ve died.

Before words are uttered in anger,
Words which can’t be unspoken,
When your mind is planning a way,
Seeking revenge on those you hate,
Wanting so desperately in hurting them,
Calling them names, attacking verbally,
Before everything gets out of hand,
When things are out of your control,
Remember this simple fact of life,
Each one of us are going through things,
Having our own problems and worries,
Not even knowing what’s going on,
With them nor in the backgrounds,
We ain’t the only ones with problems,
Each one of us, Each of us here this day.

Isn’t it better, regardless of situation,
In being a person that spread lights,
Than a person spreading darkness,
Spreading the positivity all around,
The power in healing broken pieces,
Or spreading negativity everywhere,
Causing destruction and suffering,
Wouldn’t it be better,
Being on the side of positivity,
Ignoring the other side,
Leaving until it’s forgotten.

Tan Nguyen

Investing in time

Investing in time

People these days are too busy,
Always working, having something to do,
Neglecting those that are important,
Somewhere along the lines,
Choosing work before those you love,
Investing the time, even if it’s a moment,
Letting know they mattered, in your life,
Even the smallest gestures shown,
Travels a long way, making a difference,
Affecting them deeply, taking the time,
Spending time knowing them,
Bonding with them, being with them,
Perhaps it’s that small differences,
Which makes people try their very best,
Comparing to those that stopped trying,
Allowing one to follow their dreams,
While the other one, seeing no point,
Look around you today, remember them,
The people you love and hold most dear,
Remember the reasons why,
Your working so hard in the first place.

Tan Nguyen

Learning with time

Learning with time

Youthful years spent with recklessness,
Full of courageous sometimes outrageous,
Unappreciative not understanding fully,
Meaning of life, the true worth of life,
Throwing it all away, without hestitation,
Rules of the game being applied,
Misplaced notions, values and beliefs,
Leading down towards tramatic events,
Selfishly in deeds and thoughts,
Realising too late, the effect on family.

Shaming the name, consumed with guilt,
Keeping the emotions and blamed within,
Weighing heavily upon my soul,
Tearing, ripping me apart from inside,
Torturing myself constantly each day,
Until something snapped, giving up hope,
The fighting inside ceased to stand,
Laying on the ground, beaten to a pulp,
Disgraced from heaven and from hell,
Rejected, thrown out as useless baggage.

My coffin was prepared for death,
My bed to rest for eternity,
Void of emotions, lacking the strength,
Spiralling uncontrollable into darkness,
Stumbling in the dark, visions fully gone,
Slippery with slimey disgusting things,
Freezing, chilled to the very bones,
Shivering, shaking against my will,
Even the cold is complaining it’s cold,
Light doesn’t exist down in this world,
Deeper into despair I fell,
Until the ground is higher than I.

Started with fun and games,
Life wasn’t taken seriously enough,
With youthful pride and ignorance,
Proclaiming oneself King of the world,
Learning as time goes on,
Learning as I go along,
Such is life, what’s done is done,
The past shall always remain behind,
What matters most, is what we do now,
How we handle the challenges we face,
Everything we do from here,
Shall be the ultimate challenge,
Testing our strengths and weaknesses,
Defining ourselves,
Pushing ourselves,
Revealing to all,
Who we are.

Tan Nguyen

Somewhere over the rainbow

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Sometimes when I close my eyes,
Images from beautiful dreams appears,
Keeping my eyes closed as long as I can,
I believe, somewhere over the rainbow,
Where dreams do come true,
Where wishes are granted,
Where happiness comes easily,
Always waiting around until summoned,
Relaxing with closed eyes,
Keeping them shut for as long as I can.

Somewhere over the rainbow,
There’s a place where I belong,
That will welcomed me with open arms,
Somewhere over the rainbow,
There’s a place where crazy is normal,
Where Angels sings all day and night,
Somewhere over there, must be there,
Depending for a place like that to exist,
Something worth fighting for,
Even though it may be false,
At least it’s a goal to aim,
Always moving forward,
Never looking back.

Tan Nguyen

Constantly flowing

Constantly flowing

Always weighing upon my mind,
Trying to remember the world again,
Certainly the world isn’t the same,
Definitely alot has changed over time,
Memories that I held onto desperately,
Guarding my most precious of possession,
Etched deeply inside my heart,
Special place it shall always remained,
Protected and safe from the world.

Winds of changes, always blowing pass,
Sometimes the breeze is gentle,
Small changes in life still under control,
Sometimes the breeze is strong,
Drastic changes, falling on the head,
Turning the world upside down,
Forever changing a life once known,
Embracing the unknown, an adventure.

Never knowing the time nor place,
When the winds of change passes by,
Life is in stages, must be played out,
Skipping scene is truly forbidden,
Each experience and lessons learnt,
Life is exactly the way it’s supposed to be,
Nothing more, nothing less, just perfect,
Until finally completing life’s journey.

Things happens for a reason,
It’s difficult to see, when one is hurting,
Unclear visions and mind,
Wounds still fresh from battle,
Biterness upon the lips and heart,
One day though, not sure of the time,
Reasons will be known to ourselves.

Tan Nguyen