Days are long

Days are extending longer each year,
That is the way it feels for me,
Everyday activity remaining the same,
Year after year with no changes,
Uninterested with daily chores,
Packing up the travelling bags,
Preparing for an adventure.

Travelling on distant lands,
First time stepping in foreign sands,
As quickly as arriving,
Finding myself surviving,
Finally changing my daily activities,
Yet surrounded myself in more negativities,
Haven’t even explored the territory,
Different scene in celebrating victory,
Ironic life is, always complaining,
Difficulty with emotions in containing,

Ready to go back home,
Before the sun even disappeared,
Not truly knowing what I want,
Only thinking I wanted something,
Ended up not wanting it at all,
Happened many times in my life already,
Only wanting without thinking.

Written by Tan Nguyen
1st of December 2015

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