Tan Nguyen

Introducing myself to the world,
My name is Tan Nguyen,
I walked this life, mainly misunderstood,
Roles to be played, I can be any,
All my life was for someone else,
Who I am, being what others wanted,
Listening to problems of those around,
Understanding how they are feeling,
Probably because I am an empath,
Feeling and sending their emotions,
Picking up the energy around them.

I could been anything if I wanted,
Yet spending most of my life,
Wanting acceptance from others,
Neglecting myself, ignoring my wishes,
Being accepted was more important,
Wasn’t until recently, I did things for me.

Destroying my formal self,
The person who wanted acceptence,
Someone who wanted to only fit in,
It was difficult being hurt all the time,
Being able to make people around me,
To see their smiles and them happy,
It was all that mattered to me,
Kindness taken for weaknesses,
Further away than the truth.

Finding myself in life,
Most difficult thing I had ever done,
Searching within myself, I hated me,
Never took the time in knowing myself,
Deeper I searched, more things revealed,
Facing demons, not liking them at all,
So many demons, living with my soul,
sometimes with my ears and eyes covered,
It was to much to handle,
All on my own.

Being who I am, isn’t that bad,
Finding the type of person I am,
Unable to see the reflection in the mirror,
Disgusted with the image, taunting me,
Each time I see my reflection,
I may even try to accept,
The person that I am,
Having flaws,
Is being human afterall.

Written by Tan Nguyen
1st of December 2015

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