The last stand

The end is fast approaching,
Sensing the air around changing,
Beaten repeatedly to the ground,
Covered in blood and sweat,
Flesh and dirt, sticking onto the blood,
Risking the chance, quickly scanning,
Trying to assess the current situation.

A deal has been sealed,
Both army agreed to the terms,
Set forth upon the battlefields,
Agreeing that tomorrow shall be the last,
It is here we make our stand, die or live,
The soldiers are exhausted mentally,
Draining all their desires to fight,
This was has been long in the making.
Tonight may be the last night,
For tomorrow who knows the future,
May not even survive the battle tomorrow,
Tomorrow we make our final stand.

Marching towards the battlefield, 
Thunderous in each new step,
Shivers running down the spine,
Covered in goosebumps on the skin,
Powerful soldiers performing their duty,
Proud of the uniform in which they wear,
On this field we shall stand,
Losing our lives upon the grass,
Last thing in life we will ever see,
If we shall fall this night,
Who would remember us at all.

Written by Tan Nguyen
1st of December 2015

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