Written from the future

As you read this writing, wondering who,
Feelings of knowing this person,
That you’ve met them before, but where?
Confused with the personal knowledge,
Written down with this letter,
How was it possible, for someone to know,
Even the deepest and darkest thoughts,
Secrets wasn’t kept from this author at all.

Explanations are written within,
Making it clear, yet hard to believe,
How can the author be who they claimed,
How can this person be me?
After the initial shocked disappeared,
With more thoughts, it could be possible,
The author knew informations,
Never revealed with anyone else before,
Believing the authenticity at long last,
Accepting it was I, who wrote to myself.

Logical thoughts are blown away,
Receiving a letter from myself,
Was it left somewhere for me to find,
Perhaps travelling back in time,
Is the letter enchanted, by good or bad?
One thing for sure though,
I am the author of the letter,
From the future, addressed to myself.

Continuing on to part 2
Revealing what’s written within
Written by Tan Nguyen
1st of December 2015

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