A moment in forever

There were times in my life,
When it was simple and made sense,
The only worries in life were small,
Comparing to the worries of life now,
When the world was small and kind,
When fear wasn’t known, afraid to try,
Ignorance is bliss, heard this phrase,
Not fully understanding this line,
Maybe I am wiser, to fully understand.

Youthful years were spent, wandering,
Wasting the times which were given,
Aimlessly chasing illusions of life,
Without purpose nor following dreams,
Weaknesses of the human flesh,
It’s mine and no one else’s fault,
Accepting all responsibility of the actions,
Everything in which happened in my life,
The situations that I am in,
The consequences, everything, all things.

Coming to conclusions with my lessons,
All the roads in which was travelled,
The things I have seen and witnessed,
The feelings which I had to endure,
The pain which always destroyed my soul,
Searching for myself, knowing who I am,
Facing the fears and doubts within,
Knowing the difference between elements.

In accepting all the negative forces,
Which came upon my life,
Accepting responsibilties and credit,
Then I must also acknowledge the rest,
There are always two sides in everything,
My accomplishedments must also be accepted,
My achievements, all the positivities,
Must be accounted for, must be recognized,
Accepted by me.

Written by Tan Nguyen
2nd of December 2015


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