Aimlessly wandering

Wandering around in an endless circle,
Through the swamp filled with slime,
Sticking onto the skin,
Wanting to be a part of you,
Through the desert, unprotected from heat,
Dehydrating slowly as the sun keeps shining,
Like a leaf falling from a branch,
Drying up as time goes by,
Hardening, with a gentle pressure,
Crumbling within your palm,
Through the graveyards at night,
Where ghost are hiding with the shadows,
Waiting to drag your soul with them,
Keeping you in the shadow realm,
Wanting companionship in their lonely world,
Through the depths of the ocean’s floor,
To the blizzards of Antarctica,
Blinded as the winds blow in anger,
Life of the world is ebbing away,
World of the life is slowly disappearing,
As with all things that’s living,
Everything that is living shall die,
The time for it to end, no one knows.

Written by Tan Nguyen
3rd of December 2015

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