Garden of peaceful discovery

Birds chirping with playful songs,
Calling out with wonderful melody,
Communicating with others with joy,
Sitting down on the grassy shades,
Beneath the tree, beside the lake,
Soft winds brushing through,
Tenderly touching the expose skins,
Pushing the hair which strays away,
Ruining the perfection of the face,
Loose clothing swaying with the breeze,
Warmth from the sun shining above,
Touching the world beneath with its love.

Garden of discovery which I lay,
Describing this moment as a miracle,
Finding the answers from my questions,
Finally feeling of inner peace,
Chaotic scenes vanished, noise also goes,
Quiet are the screams, gentle voices again,
Everything inside, getting along once more,
Working together the way it should of been,
In harmony with calming effects,
Inner peace is perfection beyond compare.

Written by Tan Nguyen
3rd of December 2015

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