Where art thou

My world is collapsing all around me,
Dust, thick as the fog filling the air,
Heavy with dirt from the ground,
Choking violently as it blocks my throat.

Structures which were built,
Foundations which held up strongly,
Crumbling down easily with new trails,
Constructions built according to flaws,
Designed with non experience, ignorance.

Where is everyone?
Always being surrounded by friends,
Where has everyone disappeared to?
Sharing precious memories together,
Laughing and enjoying ourselves,
Where have they all gone to?
When I need them the most,
Only showing themselves when it suited them,
Only if it’s convenient, accordingly with them,
Where are they in my time of desperation?

Appearing only when things are fine,
Enjoying the happiness only,
During the happiness, many are around,
Like leeches, sucking on the life force,
Only then will they appear,
As soon as problems start to show,
Even a tiny, they run for the hills,
In moments of devastation,
Same moment of disappointments.

Written by Tan Nguyen
3rd of December 2015


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