Divine Light Revealed

As the Universe prepared my birth,
Knowing my path will be filled with difficulty,
Plans were prepared for those times,
People would enter my life,
At the precise moment,
Never early, never late,
Perfect  timing in their arrival,
Always with the right words or actions,
Exactly the answers to get us through,
Sometimes they stay behind,
Sometimes they go away,
Fulfilling their Divine obligations,
Returning back on their journey,
Divine intervention, a life line,
When all seems lost,
From above, a special gift.

Written by Tan Nguyen
4th of December 2015

18 thoughts on “Divine Light Revealed

  1. I read this three times in a row and by then I was crying. I sometimes really really hate my life. I hate always having to fight to get ahead and then realize I’m still behind. But there have been people that have been true blessing to me and helped me before I knew I needed it. Thank you for writing this. Others have blessed you and in turn you’ve blessed me.

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      1. No really though, I think the thing I admire most are men that have a strong need and ability to support a woman emotionally. They bring the calm, the assurance…the shoulder and distraction. They can take the storm that women can be and steady it. That’s what I always need most and it’s hard to find.

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      2. I think that works both ways. Like, if there are women that really needs that type of men, than that man will feel special, being able to give the women that comfort. Cause without a women like that, the man will just feel useless.

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