Haunted Promise

As the night grows older,
Silence making itself known,
People and creatures alike,
Falling asleep for some rest,
Gentle whispers are heard,
Somewhere far away into the night,
Straining to listen more carefully,
Was it imagination or real?
Faint sound like the winds howling,
Distinctive as a voice heard clearly.

Closer as the whispers approached,
Sudden chills running through the body,
Feeling a cold upon the ear,
Followed by a loud whisper, sounding familiar,
Have you forgotten your promise?
The whisper asked, as if hurt,
How could I forget such a thing,
Everyday and night, your on my mind,
Missing you greatly,
You will never know,
So much so,
Always playing with the thoughts,
Of joining you now,
Came the reply.

Written by Tan Nguyen
4th of December 2015


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