My story, a Greek Tragedy

My life is like a Greek tragedy,
Unfortunately I am not even Greek,
I wanted to take over the world,
My mother didn’t allow it,
I wanted to rule a country,
Mother again ruined my devious plans,
I decided on becoming a super hero,
Changed my mind after seeing the rules,
I didn’t wanna show the world my undie,
Wanted to become a super villain instead,
Wasn’t allowed, there was a long list,
After all my genius ideas were rejected,
I decided to meet any famous people,
On my way to meet this famous actor,
Upon hearing his name I ran away,
Nicholas Cage isn’t bad, wasn’t interested,
Seems like all my plans are blocked,
I tried my best to avoid this fate,
Nothing left for me to do,
Then to be a politician.

Written by Tan Nguyen
4th of December 2015

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