End of year, new beginnings

End of year is just around the corner,
Events of this year, changed my life,
Remained standing, a miracle in itself,
Friendships broken, friendships forged,
Looking back into the year,
High and low emotions,
Tested everything in which I believed.

Many things has occurred,
At a dizzling speed, barely keeping up,
Unfortunately, some didn’t make it,
Death came knocking, taking them away,
Regret are many, doubts still fills me,
Questioning the reason why I’m alive,
While many others have died.

The person I was died with them,
Fate hasten my growth,
Circumstances made me seek within,
Discovering the person which was hidden,
Revealing the passion within myself,
Finding my purpose and dreams,
Still I bleed, a wound which can not heal.

Writing found me, in my time of need,
For without it, surely I would of perish,
Expressing my emotions into words,
Letting go, releasing the uselessness,
Watching without being able doing anything,
Writing, searching deeper inside myself,
Poetry has became my life,
Passion born from deep inside,
A flame which will never fade,
Forever lighting up my path,
Till eternity shall I part.

Written by Tan Nguyen
7th of December 2015


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