Onwards, only choice

Deep within my heart,
I know the past can’t be changed,
Even if it hurts so much,
I must learn to handle it,
In the events of hardships,
There are also positivity,
Focusing all my energy onto that,
Onwards towards my dreams.

It hurt sometimes, even feels wrong,
To continue on living, when others didn’t,
The thought of sweet relief, of ending,
Has crossed my mind, I won’t lie,
Ending the pain, the temptation is great,
Yet I can’t, many shall be devastated,
Only with that thought,
All attempts at ceased.

Sometimes life doesn’t make sense,
Often times choosing to ignore,
The responsibility in which I signed on,
With knowledge acquired this year,
Looking up at the mountains of things,
I still have to do, makes me gulp in awe,
Fearful of the mountain,
Stopping me in my track,
Lasting a moment, only a moment,
The warrior spirit than kicks in,
Welcoming the challenges, excited about it,
Thus end of year,
A new beginning awaits ahead.

Written by Tan Nguyen
7th of December 2015


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