The bad and the goodness

My mind is in a state of confusion,
Wondering to myself if the world,
Has lost it’s mind, driven to insanity,
Terrible things done unto another,
Families fighting with each other,
Kids disrespecting their parents,
Crime has gone through the roof,
I know deep down, there are always tragedy,
That the Earth isn’t a perfect place,
I am fortunate for the things I have,
Whereas there are those that have none,
For that reason alone, I am grateful.

Amidst the chaos on the daily news,
There are good deeds, still being done,
It’s only the negative news,
Which received the attentions,
For what ever reason that may be,
It makes my heart, handle the pain,
Knowing there is good in the world,
Giving me the strength to continue the right.

Reasons unknown to me,
Needed the assurance,
There are still goodness left,
Enabling to push myself,
Above and beyond,
To know there is reasons,
To continue my plight.

Written by Tan Nguyen
7th of December 2015

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