A speck, nothing more

With the arrival of night,
The stars making an appearance,
Lighting the sky with dazzling displays,
Countless twinkles in Heaven’s realm.

Comparing the person I am,
To all aspect of the known Universe,
I am nothing but a little speck of dust,
Upon the many others, more worthy than I.

As a speck in the grand design of things,
Just being noticed by the Universe,
An insignificant speck of dust, that’s me,
Truly honoured, deeply grateful,
Appreciative of the attention shown to me.

Night suddenly awakens, the sky flashes,
Filling the night with a streak of light,
Brilliantly crossing the sky above,
Gathering all attentions from below,
A shooting star, quickly make a wish,
If it’s within the Universe,
It shall be granted.

Written by Tan Nguyen
8th of December 2015

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