Before all the Facts

Hatred, dark vicious, agressive feelings,
Unwarranted, misplaced emotions,
Two man, working side by side,
Working hard, six days a week, long hours,
One man smiles and jokes all day long,
Annoying the other man,
Getting under his skin,
The man dislikes the man with a smile,
Thinking him immature and unprofessional,
The jokes the other workers make,
Is made at his expense, smiles remained,
Perhaps the man doesn’t understand,
Laughing along with the others,
Doesn’t he understand,
They are teasing him, yet he still smiles,
This annoys the man greatly,
Seeing another man acting such a way,
Having no self respect,
How can be call himself a man.

Loathing, disliking the guy,
Whom he sees six days a week,
Getting underneath his skin,
Sick by just looking at him,
He sees nothing, just a pathetic person,
Never accepting his invitations,
To spend time with him, outside work hours,
How he hated the man, beyond compare.

A day came, news of the man’s death,
Death via suicide, only just last night,
More details emerged about the man,
He was unhappy, lost everything,
Wife left him for another,
His children’s depised and hate him,
Calling the man, his wife left him for,
As their own father,
He had nothing left, lost everything,
The reason behind his smiles,
Is because he knew the pain,
Didn’t want anyone else around him,
To feel sad, he wanted them to laugh.

He knows the pain is tremendous,
He tried reaching out,
All he had was his smile,
Until the pain was to great,
He took his own life,
Such sad news,
Haunting his co worker, till the day he dies.

Written by Tan Nguyen
8th of December 2015


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