Shattering, piecing back together

Circumstances regarding my situations,
Prevented me from revealing who I am,
Thus creating a world of illusions,
That I embraced whole heartedly,
Using the internet to interact with others,
Pretending being someone I was not,
For some sort of companionship,
A longing to be part of society again.

For the longest period of my life,
Online has been my reality,
Escaping the world in which I lived,
Withdrawn from the people around me,
Only communicating with strangers,
Under the pretensed of someone else,
Such is life, yet it is still my life.

This year has also been breaking that illusion,
Shattering the safety net,
Of using another name,
Bringing forth what was hidden inside,
The transitions from reality and illusions,
Confused with the two,
Had them the wrong way around.

This year, I can’t explain the importance,
What this year represent for me, alone,
Never before had so many challenges,
Thrown in at the same time,
Almost destroyed me completely,
Only with Divine intervention,
Was I able to overcome all the trials,
Which were piled against me,
Knighted under intensed pressure,
I rised as, myself.

Written by Tan Nguyen
8th of December 2015


4 thoughts on “Shattering, piecing back together

  1. This poem is great and the story behind it is also great. Over 25 years ago (obviously pre internet) I was in a place like that. Writing was my solace. Keep going. Don’t lose the passion and expression. You are on the way. 🙂

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