Remembering December

December, feelings of intimacy flows,
Special month, flashbacks as I close my eyes,
Emotions coming to the surface,
Revealing beauty not yet known,
Experiencing lovely, cherishing memories,
Storing within my precious moments,
Family gatherings, are important,
Only now, have I realised the values,
Traditions, cultures, a reminder of,
Brings forth a sense of belonging,
Remembering where we came from,
The struggles of those that undergone,
Who set the standards and expectations,
The ones who lived a life before us,
Enabling our existent to be reality,
Without their strengths,
Without their determinations,
If fate was walked down a different path,
Their destiny, their legacy,
Wouldn’t have us, continuing the family line,
Upon my shoulders, also responsibility,
I take up the struggles,
Where they have left unfinished.

Written by Tan Nguyen
9th of December 2015

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