Masks of many faces

Standing in front of the mirror,
Transfixed by the reflection,
Wondering which mask shall be seen,
Gentle touching my fragile skin,
Wrinkles, hints of the lines appearing,
Age, fastly catching my lifestyle choices,
Decisions are still pending,
Whom shall make an appearance today,
Possessing many different masks,
Keeping what’s true, hidden from sight,
Afraid of being unaccepted,
Longing to only belong,
Therefore as the mask conceals,
Playing my role as society demands,
Layers and layers, from many masks,
Upon which covers my many faces.

Written by Tan Nguyen
11th of December 2015


6 thoughts on “Masks of many faces

      1. just keep on digging deep, until you find the truth about yourself, i’m sure, that there are still, things about you that you have yet to uncover in your life, and, it seems that you’re, on your way there…

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