Superhero or supervillian

Always daydreaming of being a superhero,
Unleashing my superhero powers,
Saving the day from the bad people,
Saying something awesome,
Yet, amongst the code of superhero,
It says we must wear our underwear,
For the world to see, no exceptions,
Upon stumbling on the policy agreements,
I am really a shy guy, unable to comply.

Therefore, by some random misfortune,
I became a supervillian instead,
It all begun, quite by accident of course,
I threw the banana peak in the street,
A law enforement officer tripped on it,
Chased me around the entire city,
The officer also crashed into my parked car,
Claiming it was illegally parked,
Yet I claimed it was legal,
Made it on the news that night,
Became a supervillian ever since.

Written by Tan Nguyen
11th of December 2015


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