War – Hate – Love

An ocean, overflowing with tears,
As historians recount current events,
Future generations shall be ashamed,
Actions against another human life,
Devastation, annihilation of society,
Declaring war, as if such a small thing.

Lives shall be taken, sometimes by force,
Innocence shall suffer, families broken,
Humanity, displaying the worst of us,
Fighting, surrounded by despair and death,
Fighting for justice, difficult to believe,
While dripping with bloody hands.

War, romanticized from history books,
Making heroes, honouring their services,
Actions while in the face of death,
Overcoming fear, displaying courage,
Worthy of such recognitions and more,
Hero to whom though?
And what shall the other side,
Name such hero? A villian perhaps.

Victors, raising their hands in triumphant,
Celebrating such hard earned victory,
Yet they have lost brothers, sisters, friends,
Someone dear, someone they love,
A lost which can never be brought back,
Who are the victors of war?
Who gains the most?
And loses nothing of value?
War, there are no victors.

Written by Tan Nguyen
13th of December 2015

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