End of the world

If tonight would be our last night,
Before the world as we know,
Ceasing to be the world we had known,
Before the laws of the land, are no more,
Before the human race, breaks down,
Before the system fails,
Only thinking of being with you.

If tonight would be our last night,
Before chaos rules the world,
With death as common as the flu,
I wish you were dead, listen before reacting,
Listen carefully to what I say next,
It doesn’t mean I wished you harm,
Only wanting to save you,
Of the things to come.

World order ceased to exist,
People killing people, to survive,
Hunger strikes every human,
Have no choice but to eat another,
Everywhere, people are dying,
Lives are cheap, cheaper than dung,
Homeless, without sheltered,
Wandering the lands, remaining alive,
Dreadful behaviours, horrible people.

Murder, rape, cruelty, hunger, exhausted,
Without water, without clean clothes,
Without the safty, without the protection,
Without law and order, survival only matters,
Dark days ahead, endlessly suffering,
Delaying death, which is around the corner,
Not wanting for you to experience,
All the hardship and horrible things,
That’s soon to come.

Wishing for you to remember,
The world as it is now,
Full of dreams and beautiful scenes,
For you to remember the world,
Like it is today, full of hopes and dreams,
Before it shall turned into nightmare,
A nightmare which you shall never waken,
Not wanting you to suffer,
Not even a little bit,
We shall be together,
My life is bound with yours.

Written Tan Nguyen
14th of December 2015


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