Gifting of treasures

Unravelling what’s hidden within,
Laying buried beneath untouched,
Forgotten under the sands of time,
Faded from memory it once existed.

Precious treasures collecting dusts,
Tender touches, long forgotten,
Unused, unadmired by keen eyes,
Held in darkness, withdraw within,
Locking, sealing shut the way inside.

Slowly, cautiously opening the seals,
Peeking into the light, treading carefully,
Afraid being hurt, all over again,
Exposing oneself vulnerable,
Risking the heart, shattering a million pieces.

Like watching a flower blossom,
Revealing the beauty inside,
Maturing slowly, becoming who you are,
Filling my heart with such joys,
Watching you unfold, like fine arts,
Majestic, divine, angelic in appearance,
Yet, your true beauty lay within.

Written by Tan Nguyen
14th of December 2015

4 thoughts on “Gifting of treasures

  1. About two months back, I said to a cousin of mine. “If you can, look within your past and see yourself as a child, you can grow up with your sons. And at least you grow up with them”. She has identical twin sons that just turned 2 years old this month. Mine just turned 2 last October. And yes I am practicing what I am preaching. I am proud to grow up with myself and my daughter. Once a person re discovered he/herself it is more better that way to grow up with your children

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