Little bit of me

As words are written down,
Expressing the feelings inside,
A little bit of me, becomes known,
A little bit of my soul, revealing itself,
Hidden away, as a shy being,
Afraid of the judgements from others,
Worrying if they like the person I am.

Self confidence, always been an issue,
Growing up in a confused world,
Never belonged, always searching acceptence,
Desperately seeking approval,
From anyone, anyone at all.

Unleashing the depths of emotions,
Surprising even myself, with the strengths,
The raw power, the flow of energy,
Charging through my veins,
Empowering, Growing as a human being,
Accepting myself, trusting in myself,
Developing always, to learn all I can,
Gaining each day, closer to my goals,
Closer towards my ultimate dreams.

Written by Tan Nguyen
15th of December 2015

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