Night, night, where are you?
I have been waiting,
To look upon your twinkling eyes,
Being lost in imagination,
Looking into the sky above,
Where are you night?
You bring the calmness,
You quiet my  chaotic mind,
Wrap me inside the blackness,
Feeling safe,  as I fade,
Blending in with the surroundings,
Just being forgotten for a moment,
Oh night, where are you?
The sun is burning, it is scary,
The world is too bright,
There’s no place to hide,
The people find me easily,
Always wanting a chat,
Save me night, I can’t pretend to smile,
It’s painful to even try,
Hide me from this world,
Hurry up night, show yourself,
Take me away out of sight!

Written by Tan Nguyen
14th of December 2015


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