Since the first day

Since the first day that I met you,
Everything in my life changed,
From that moment, something magical,
Wonderful, doors begun to unlocked,
Creating unknown forces from within,
Revealing my deepest desires,
Being understood, someone to understand.

It feels like, another world existed,
A place inside of me I didn’t know,
Shocking and with great surprised,
That a place like that, existed within me,
Something so pure, in a corrupted realm,
Opening the terrors, vanquishing woes.

Transforming into me, only more aware,
Understanding the circumstances better,
Appreciating the things which I have,
Understanding and knowing myself,
Knowing my weaknesses and strengths,
Knowing my limitations and potentials,
Reaching higher than I ever attempted.

The determination and motivation,
Planning a future, being with only one,
Wanting a better life, for you and me,
Bettering myself, improving myself,
Only way, in achieving those dreams,
Purpose to give everything I have,
For a better future, our future.

Written by Tan Nguyen
15th of Decemeber 2015


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