Recovering lost time

Days are gone, never to return,
What may have been, has passed,
Regretting mistakes of the past,
Serves only heartache, nothing more,
Reconciling, may be the only remedy,
Friendships broken, unable to mend,
Friendships forged, lasting a life time,
Broken hearted, may never heal fully,
Inner doubts may never disappear,
Accepting oneself, may never come.

Times of the past, can never be replayed,
Moments of regrets, staying on the mind,
Shameful thoughts, filled with guilt,
Expectations, coming always short,
Purpose of life, within the heart,
Blinded with events, all around,
Illusions becoming reality, hard to see,
Questions, answers ain’t forthcoming.

I can sit and think of the past,
Refusing to let go and move on,
Sitting around all day long, wasting time,
Future is scary, because it’s unknown,
Takes courage to move ahead with time,
Regrets are remindeds, for the future,
Choices we make, are learnt by these,
Life, too short to waste on things,
Focusing on what’s important,
Focusing on things that matters,
To myself and only me.

Written by Tan Nguyen
15th of December 2015

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