Beyond the grave

As your reading this letter,
It means I am already dead,
I tried my best, yet it wasn’t enough,
I left this world, without regret,
I left this world, fighting for my beliefs,
No one should cry for me, it’s not sad,
Remember my life, as something to,
Inspire yourselves, if anything at all,
That I spent my whole life doing,
There has to be something, worthy,
That may inspire you, to change,
Though I had made many mistakes,
That did not stop me from fighting on,
The life I had, wasn’t really bad,
Wasn’t more worst than your life at all,
The surroundings may be different,
Yet we all go through problems,
Suffer the struggles of life,
In one form or another,
Stand up and fight for happiness,
Strive for the impossible,
You never know, unless you try,
Your life, is only a waste,
If you allow it to be,
Take my life as an example,
And remember, to fight onwards.

Written by Tan Nguyen
16th of December


12 thoughts on “Beyond the grave

  1. I like this one. I seem to like stuff about “Death” lol! You write many things and I read them all. After I was reading your name really fast while I was at work and I thought it said Juli! Then I slowed down for lunch and realized it say Julious! LOL!
    Have a great Day and A Merry Christmas,thats is if your are still with us!


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