Dare to dream

Daring to dream,
Hasn’t always been easy,
Hasn’t always been there,
The self worth, always interfering,
Always saying, I am not worthy.

As days and nightmares goes by,
Watching others as their dreams,
Comes to life,
Asking myself, when is it my turn,
I turned around and said,
Now is my time,
It’s now or never.

So as I begun my dreams,
A smile slowly appears,
Upon my face and in my soul,
For I have discovered,
What it feels, to chase the dreams,
To finally accept all pieces of myself,
To learn to love, and to embrace,
The surroundings and within,
Not a day goes by,
That I am grateful,
For being alive.

Written by Tan Nguyen
20th of December 2015

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