Lost, never to be recovered

If I had known, all the times,
When happiness were at its peak,
Surely I would enjoyed, each moment,
If I were to know,
When my time on Earth ends,
Surely I would make use of the time remaining,
Appreciating each moment,
Before the time comes and go.

If I were to know,
When the last time I seen you alive,
I would of made the effort,
To know you more better,
To spend time with you before the end,
If only I knew, before it was too late,
If only if I had know,
Such regret shouldn’t plague my realm.

Life is without knowing,
Hard to take things for granted,
Illusions of lasting forever,
When a time seems to go on,
Suddenly without noticed,
Taken away, the things I loved,
Never to be brought back,
No matter how hard I cry,
Once gone, is gone forever,
No matter what I do,
It shall never come back.

Written by Tan Nguyen
21st of December 2015


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